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Kid-Approved Ways to Prepare Veggies

If veggies aren’t as big of a seller in your house as you’d like, maybe it’s time to give them a kid-friendly makeover so your kids won’t be able to resist them. Take veggies from ordinary to extraordinary with these tasty and kid-friendly ideas for preparing vegetables in ways your whole family will love!

  1.       Make ‘Em Into Fries. What kiddo doesn’t love fries? Take advantage of their love for fries by turning all sorts of veggies into fries. You may have tried sweet potato fries instead of white potatoes, but did you know a host of other veggies are perfect for slicing into fries too? Just thinly slice, toss with olive oil and seasonings, and bake till crispy for a healthy way to have fries! Best Bets: parsnips, carrots, eggplant
  2.       Make ‘Em Into Poppers. One of the primary reason people don’t like foods is actually texture, rather than taste. Give boring veggies some appealing crispness by cutting them into bite size poppers and roasting at a high temperature. Enhance the crispness by broiling them the last couple of minutes.  Best Bets: broccoli, cauliflower
  3.       Make ‘Em Into Kebobs. Any child (and some adults!) will tell you there is something fun about eating food from a stick. Stack slices of almost any kind of vegetable on a stick for instant appeal. Hint: use popsicle sticks instead of sharp sticks for safer dining for little ones. Best Bets: tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, cubed winter squashes
  4.       Make Them Dippable. If you can’t alter the way your veggies are prepared, try offering a dipping sauce alongside them to make them hard to resist. Be sure to take a look at the ingredients in the sauces you offer though so you are not offering up a serving of sugar or other undesirable events with each dip of the veggies. Best Bets: anything goes with this idea!


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