Kid’s Activity: Tea Party Time!  Hosting Your Own Kid-Approved Tea Party

If you’ve ever looked longingly at your parents’ refreshing cup of tea, this is the activity for you! Yes, even though tea is typically reserved for grown-ups, there are plenty of teas that are perfectly safe for you to have, as long as you know the right teas to drink! Many herbal teas are tasty, caffeine free, and much healthier alternative to sugary juices or sodas. Don’t stop with just sipping on your cup of tea, gather a few supplies and host a tea party.

Safe Tea Options

Take a look at a sampling of a few of the herbal teas that are regarded as safe for people of all ages. (Note: Always check with your parents before eating or drinking any new food or drinks.) Experiment with different varieties to find your favorite. Try them hot and cold to see your preference. You can also add things like citrus fruit, fresh herbs, or honey to enhance the flavor.

-Rooibos. With its naturally sweet and mild taste, rooibos tea is great for new tea drinkers.

-Mint. If you enjoy minty gums or candy, mint tea may be for you!

-Ginger. Not only does ginger tea have a delicious slightly spicy taste to it, it can actually help an upset tummy feel better.

-Chamomile. Chamomile tea is said to have relaxing effects, so this tea is a great option to have at the end of the day!

What You Need

All you really need to make your own tea is hot water and tea bags, but a few special supplies can transform your tea time into party time!

-Tea Cups: try decorating disposable cups to make them look extra special or ask your parents to let you browse at a thrift store or garage sale to find some special tea cups or mugs at a bargain!

-Table cloth. No need to beg your mom to use her favorite table cloth, instead spread some wrapping paper out over your table (or on the ground for a picnic style tea party!).

-Centerpiece. A centerpiece is optional, can be a fun way to add a personal touch to your party.

-Special Snacks. The secret to special tea party food is to make everything bite size. Cut sandwiches into bite size pieces or use a cookie cutter to make them into bite size shapes. Raw veggies served on toothpicks also add a fun bite sized flare.

-Adult helper. Because you’ll need the water for your tea to reach boiling temperatures, it is key to have an adult to help you with this part!

Kids Activity 

  1. Brew tea according to package directions along with your adult helper. Allow tea to cool if you plan to serve it iced.
  2. Prepare any tea party refreshments you wish to have at your tea party. Ask an adult for help with cooking and slicing.
  3. Spread out your wrapping paper tablecloth. Add a fun centerpiece if you want. Don’t be afraid to get creative
  4. Set out tea, serving pieces, cups, honey and lemon, and your tea party refreshments.
  5. Invite friends and family to join you for a very special tea party!
  6.  Join the virtual tea party on Healthy Little Cooks Instagram by posting your tea party pics with #healthylittleteaparty

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