Kid’s Cooking Craft Activity: Origami! How to Make Your Own Cup in 7 Easy Steps

Are you looking for a fun activity to keep your kids occupied this summer? Try making your own origami. We suggest making your own paper cup. Kids can use it as storage or, if using paper foil, actually drink out of it! After all, it is a cup!


Step 1– Place a (perfectly) square piece of paper in front of you. Fold the paper by bringing the upper right corner to meet with the lower left corner. The end result should look like a right triangle.


Step 2– Turn your right triangle onto its long base so that it looks like an equilateral triangle. Fold over the bottom right corner to the middle center of the left handed long side.


Step 3– Repeat step 2 with the other side: fold over the bottom left corner to the middle center of the right (now folded) side. Your paper should now have a point at the top, and your two folds should look like they are hugging one another.


Step 4– Next, take the left folded “arm” and bring it around to the back. You should still have a point at the top, with the left folded arm around the back and the right folded arm in front of you.


Step 5– Your top point should consist of two pieces of paper. Taking the back piece of paper from your top point, fold in down and backwards. Tuck this piece into the center of your (backside) left side “arm”.

Step 6– Repeat step 5 using your front piece of paper from your top point. This should be folded down in front of you and tucked into the center of your frontside right arm slot.

Step 7- Locate the very center of your cup and press the two insides outward to help shape your cup.

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