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Make Your Own Refreshing Soda

The risks of sugary soda are well documented: increased risk for metabolic syndrome (a precursor to Type II Diabetes), weight gain, damage to tooth enamel, and the list goes on. Yet, it’s hard to deny that a flavored, bubbly treat is tasty and refreshing.

It turns out it’s easier than you may think to mix up your own sodas. Best of all, it’s easy to involve your children in making these fizzy treats. While special machines are available to do the work for you, you and your kids can easily make your own in just a few minutes.

What You’ll Need:

  • Club Soda—Be sure to only select club soda, as other similar choices like tonic water actually contain sugar.
  • Flavoring Choices—fruit, herbs, essential oils
  • Glasses
  • Pitcher
  • Spoon for stirring

What You Do:

-Start with your club soda base. Quantities are not specific, use as much or as little as you need for your family.

-Choose a variation:

-Add one part pure fruit juice to three parts club soda. Pomegranate juice makes a good choice because its strong flavor makes a little go a long way.

-Squeeze fresh citrus fruit like oranges and lemons in for a refreshing taste and added dose of vitamin C.

-Use a fruit infuser to infuse the flavors of fresh berries to carbonated water.

-Add a couple drops of food grade essential oils to your soda for added flavor without any chemicals.

-Add fresh herbs like mint for a more exotic twist. Even better, get a mint plant to grow and care for with your child, and you’ll have mint for a refreshing soda any time.

-Go free for all. Any parent who remembers the delight of mixing together multiple flavors at the soda fountain machines will relish letting her children give this a try. Simply put out all the different flavor options out and let your child mix at will. It may not be a flavor you love, but he or she will have a blast and enjoy drinking his or her creation!

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More complex instructions for making soda at home can be found, but these simple suggestions are perfect for mixing an afternoon of family fun.


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