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Mom & Kid Approved “Brown-Bag” Lunch Ideas and Tips

Looking to save a little lunch money this summer? Prepare a quick (and healthy) homemade lunch and enjoy the outdoors by having a family picnic. Traditional picnic foods, like fancy chicken salads, may not be very relatable to children, so we’ve come up with some kid approved “brown bag” lunch ideas. Kids love to eat what they know and having their own packed lunch in their own bag provides some excitement over what’s inside!


Brown Bag & Outdoor Lunch Tips

  1. Using brown paper bags gives parents (and kids) a great opportunity to draw cute designs on the outside of the bags, personalizing each and making it fun to open.
  2. Pack baby wipes! They clean up easier than napkins.
  3. Always bring sunscreen.
  4. Instead of a picnic blanket, pack a cheap plastic table cloth and just throw it away when you’re done.
  5. And of course, bring your camera!


PB & J

This favorite sandwich staple can be made on whole wheat bread, cut into fun shapes, or spread on a whole wheat tortilla and cut into pinwheels.


Pizza Pita

In a whole wheat pita pocket, add in marinara sauce, diced chicken, diced carrots, and low-fat mozzarella cheese to create an on-the-go version of traditional pizza.


Superhero Sandwich

On a whole wheat bagel, layer mayo, mustard, cucumber slices, carrot slices, tomato slices, red onion slices, lettuce, and low-fat feta cheese.


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