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Our Favorite Top 10 Benefits of Healthy Cooking (besides being better for your waistline)

Science and experience proves to us that healthy eating is the best thing you can do to become a slimmer and healthier person.  But, if you’re still struggling between picking up a bucket of fried chicken and preparing a home-cooked meal featuring a medley of vegetables, then this list was created especially for you.

#1 – Gives you natural energy.
Move over caffeine and sugar, whole-grain, fruits and seeds are natural energy powerhouses that won’t leave your body in a foggy daze at the end of the day.

#2 – Satisfies your cravings.
Your body caves less sugar and unhealthy ingredients when it’s getting proper nutrition from healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

#3 – Saves you money.
Yes, some junk food might be less expensive, but because it has fewer nutrients, you’ll end up eating more in the long run.  Look at ways to stretch the dollar by cooking your veggies with rice, beans and whole-grain pasta.

#4 – Gives you control.
Healthy cooking allows you to control the portion size and ingredients in your recipe.  This is great for people with food allergies or special dietary needs.

#5 – Your body digests food more efficiently.
Many digestive problems are due to unnatural and unhealthy ingredients that cause our bodies to work overtime to digest.   By eating healthier foods, we’re helping our bodies use food more efficient for fuel.

#6 – Fosters quality family time.
Healthy cooking is usually followed by good ole’ healthy eating and conversation, which strengthens a family’s bond and communication.

#7 – Teaches kids how to make healthy choices.
Healthy cooking creates conversation around ingredients, food choice and healthy eating.  For example, if your child dislikes his spinach salad, talk to him about how spinach is packed full of healthy iron that helps his heart pump better.  Then show him how he can eat it in a new way and bring out a tortilla and turn it into a spinach wrap.

#8 – Is more flavorful.
Healthy cooking replaces much of the sugar, salt and fats found in unhealthy foods, which disguise the natural fun flavor of food.

#9 – Helps your brain work better.
In addition to sleep our brain needs healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamin C and whole grains to function at its best.  You can’t get these nutrients without cooking healthy foods.

#10 – Gives you more years to live.
You’ll be around longer for giving and getting kisses and hugs from your loved ones.  Need we say more?

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