Perfect Picnic Planner: Five Tips to Make Your Next Picnic Even More Awesome!


For some reason taking a simple lunch from the kitchen table to a picnic blanket instantly transforms that same lunch from ordinary to extraordinary! Eating your meal outside manages to turn the basic routine of eating a meal into a fun experience for all involved! Don’t believe us? Grab a picnic blanket and use our super tips to plan your best picnic yet!

  1.    Be Seasonal. Seasonal fruits and veggies are not only more affordable (your parents will like that!); they also taste better because they are picked at the peak of their ripeness and don’t have to travel halfway around the world before making it to your plate. Do a quick search of what produce options are in season before planning your picnic menu!
  2.    Make It Active. Food doesn’t have to be the only thing on the menu for your picnic—take along balls, Frisbees, and bikes to make your picnic time fun and active!
  3.    Try Healthy (and Tasty!) Substitutions. Some classic picnic foods like fried chicken, potato salad, and most desserts, are not exactly known for being the healthiest food choices! Try making your picnic healthy for everyone by baking chicken instead of frying it, using mashed avocado anywhere recipes call for mayo, and having fruit for dessert.
  4.    Go Local. Turn your picnic into a tribute to your hometown by filling your picnic basket with local foods. To make things even more fun, start your day at a local farmers market, then picnic nearby with your finds!

5.    Pick a Theme. Make each picnic you have a little different by giving each picnic a theme! Looking for ideas? Ask everyone to bring a food that is a particular color, try the foods of another culture, or wear costumes! Let your creativity carry you away!

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