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Secrets to Fluffy Pancakes

It’s not only the taste and smell of foods that entice us to eat them; it is also their appearance and texture. A perfect example of this is the humble pancake. Without question a stack of big fluffy pancakes is more appealing than a pile of flat, dense pancakes. And while an adult may (or may not!) be able to reason through something tasting good even if it doesn’t look great, for a young child appearance reigns supreme for motivation to eat something. Learn a few simple tricks to help your pancakes turn out light and fluffy every time and keep the family gathered round the breakfast table.

FluffyPancake31.       Mix the liquids separately. This step adds a little time to the process, but can make a big difference in the pancake outcome. First, beat the egg whites alone. Beating just the egg whites allows you to incorporate more air into the mix. Next, add your other liquid ingredients. Finally, mix in your dry ingredients and cook.

2.       Resist the Urge to Over Mix. Once you have added in your dry ingredients, the mixing should be minimal. If you are making a classic pancake recipe with wheat flour, the gluten protein in the flour gets more developed the more you mix, resulting in chewy pancakes.

FluffyPancake23.       Compensate for Ingredient Changes. If you are altering the ingredients in a typical pancake recipe, compensate for the changes to keep the recipe balanced. For example, many gluten-free flour substitutes are denser than wheat flour. Adding an extra source of moisture to the recipe can help to keep the mix properly balanced, yielding fluffier and tastier pancakes. Other ingredients may require other changes, so feel free to experiment, but do some quick research on any changes you make.

Now that you have a platter full of delicious, fluffy pancakes, utilize these tasty treats as a vehicle for healthy additions like fruits, berries, and walnuts!

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