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Seven Tasty Ways to Cook with Real Pumpkin

Is there any one flavor so synonymous with fall as pumpkin? You would be hard pressed to find a pair more inextricably linked and beloved by kids and adults alike as pumpkin and fall are. Don’t settle for sugary imitations of pumpkin flavor as you bring it into your fall kitchen though. Not only does the real thing taste better, it’s also free of all the sugar and artificial chemicals, full of antioxidants, fiber, and a rich source of vitamin A. Whether you use fresh or canned, incorporate pumpkin into your fall cooking with these top seven recipes.

1.       Pumpkin Bread. This grain free, Paleo friendly version is perfect for breakfast or an after school snack. Double the recipe and freeze one for later!

2.       Roasted Pumpkin.  No list of pumpkin recipes is complete without roasted pumpkin. Here are two good ones for straightforward roasting.

3.       Pumpkin Ice Cream. Hold the dairy; skip the added sugar; multiply the flavor. Everyone in the family will love having a bowl of this pumpkin “ice cream” for an after dinner treat! You’ll love knowing that you are giving them the good stuff! You’ll be surprised with how easy this recipe is.

4.       Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. Don’t throw away those seeds when you clean out your jack-o-laterns.  Instead, roast them for a crunchy snack. Among other nutrients, pumpkin seeds are a rich source of magnesium, zinc, and iron. Try this recipe.

5.       Pumpkin Oatmeal. Start the mornings out right with this hearty and satisfying oatmeal. Make it ahead for hectic school mornings or enjoy it together as a family on a lazy Saturday morning. Find out how to make it!

6.       Pumpkin Smoothie. Rather than giving in to clamoring for a sugary, caffeinated pumpkin latte, pack your kids (and yourself!) full of nutrients and flavor with this delicious pumpkin smoothie. This recipe tells you exactly how to make it at home.

7.       Pumpkin Hummus. Need an appetizer for a fall party? Cutting down on your legume consumption? Just looking for a tasty snack? Whatever your reason, you and your family are bound to enjoy this pumpkin hummus. This recipe is especially great for children who love all foods that involve dipping!

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