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Six Sensational Tips to Make Your Own Fruit and Veggie Bar

If you’ve ever gone to a restaurant or special event with a food bar or buffet set up you know how much yumminess and fun it is to get to create your own plate from a host of options. Guess what? That fun food bar experience is not limited to restaurants or catered events! Follow our helpful tips for using fruits and veggies as the stars of a make-your-own food bar. You’ll have loads of taste, fun, and nutrition! With the help of a trusted adult, you can your own fruit and veggie bar for snacking or any meal at your house any night you want.

  1.    Have a mix of both raw and cooked options. Serving both raw and cooked fruits and veggies gives you more options when it comes to both taste and texture. Need ideas to mix things up? Try baking a pear, broiling a grapefruit, serving broccoli florets raw.
  2.       Make everything bite size. Not only is serving everything in bite size pieces fun, it also makes it easier for you and your family and friends to sample a little of everything.
  3.       Add at least a couple of new fruit and veggie options. Definitely include some of your longstanding favorite fruits and veggies on your buffet, but be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity to try things you’ve never tried before. Aim to include at least one new fruit and one new veggie for everyone to try!
  4.    Include some fun dips and sauces for your fruits and veggies. There’s something about dipping foods into sauces that makes eating extra fun! Include a sweet dip and a savory dip option to have something for everyone. Looking for ideas? Try a nut butter and honey mix for your fruits and a plain Greek yogurt and herb dip for veggies. Both of these options will add protein to your spread!
  5.    Make it easy for everyone to customize their plates. The beauty of a food bar is that everyone create a slightly different plate. Make sure you have plenty of selections each set out in separate containers.
  6.       Get Creative with Drink Options. Want to make your food bar extra special? Try including a blended fruit and veggie juice as a beverage option. Buy one premade, or make your own. Including a special juice is optional, but it does add an extra element of fun and creativity to your food bar!

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