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Skipping the Soda: Summer Soda Replacements for Kids

As the hot sun blares down during the sweltering days of summer, nothing sounds as refreshing as a cold soda to a hot kiddo. Our kids beg for them, and because they are quick and convenient, it is easy to hand one over. But as health experts tell us, those ice cold cans pack in high levels of sugar, caffeine, or artificial sweetener.

  1. Mineral Water. Mineral water gives kids the fun fizz of a soda, but none of the sugar, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners found in most sodas. Tip: Because these come in cans and fun flavors, this is probably the easiest switch to pull on kids who usually like to pop a tab on a cold soda.
  2. Fresh Squeezed Juice: Summer is the perfect time to let your kids experiment with squeezing their own orange juice. Having a hand in the making of juice adds to the appeal for children.

If you’re pressed for time , plenty of tasty juice options are available, just look for varieties that are 100 percent juice. While juice should not be consumed exclusively, it can be a tasty and refreshing treat sometimes. Tip: Let your kids pick out a new drink bottle or thermos to carry their juice to picnics and on the go.

  1. Iced HerbalTea: Plenty of kid-friendly flavors of herbal tea are available today. Orange, strawberry, pineapple, and more are all easy to find. Buy a couple of flavors to let your kids find their personal favorites. To make the experience more fun for kids, let them make their tea in the sun by placing jars of water with tea bags in the sung for a couple of hours. Tip: Make sure you only choose flavors that are safe for kids. Many fruit flavored herbal teas are kid-safe and caffeine free, but always verify as some herbal teas are intended for medicinal purposes.

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