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Sneaking Nutrients into Almost Any Meal: Five Easy Ways to Secretly Boost Your Family’s Nutrition

SneakyNutrition2In a perfect world our kids would all beg for healthy foods and turn their noses up at junk food. In the real world, even kids (and adults for that matter) who eat a pretty a healthy diet could benefit from added nutrients in their diets. While encouraging kids to try new foods is a big part of raising healthy eaters, adding extra nutrients to almost anything you cook can also go a long way in improving their nutritional intake. Try these super foods that easily blend easily into many foods and pack a healthy punch with each bite!

  1.    Flaxseed. Flaxseed ups the fiber content of anything its added to as well as delivering a substantial serving of the essential fatty acid omega 3, which is good for both brain and heart health. Note that it is more easily absorbed by the body when it is ground, so buy pre-ground versions or grind yourself. Sneak it in-Stir a spoonful of flax into scrambled eggs before frying to start the day right!
  2.    Nutritional Yeast. The natural cheesy flavor of nutritional yeast makes it easy to mix in anything you’d add cheese to ordinarily, but with nutritional yeast mixed in your dishes you’ll also be adding a terrific source of B vitamins. Sneak it in– Sprinkle nutritional yeast on popcorn or stir it in with your macaroni and cheese.
  3.    Chia Seed. Chia seeds have earned their super food reputation for good reason: they offer omega 3s, calcium, fiber, and protein in just a couple of tablespoons. Sneak it in– If your kids balk at chia seed pudding, try giving them a serving of chia seeds in their smoothies or mixed in the batter of your favorite quick bread.
  4.    Any Spice. You may already be using this tip without knowing all the nutritional value you are adding in to each bite. With each shake of spice you add to your food, you are adding a serving of antioxidants. Cinnamon, pepper, and turmeric rank as top choice, but any and all natural spices offer benefits. Sneak it in-Your kids may know you add spices to most recipes, but don’t worry; you can still keep their nutritional value your little secret!
  5.    Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is one of nature’s little secrets. Credited with aiding in digestion and healing, apple cider vinegar tops many health experts lists of kitchen must-haves. Sneak it in-Try blending apple cider vinegar into a homemade salad dressing or dilute it within a strong flavored all natural juice.

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