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Springtime Lunchbox Makeover

Something about the pretty weather and blooming plants has a way of inspiring people to improve everything from gardens to wardrobes; don’t let your lunchbox be left out of the spring makeover craze! Instead of getting tired of the same old, same old choices filling your lunchbox, let springtime encourage you to perform your own makeover right inside your lunchbox!

  1. Be a Pro. Be a lunchbox pro by making PROduce and PROtein the stars of your lunches. By focusing on creating lunches full of produce like fresh fruit and veggies and proteins like organic meats, eggs, and nuts and seeds you are sure to have a lunch full of healthy fuel to make it till after school.
  2. Ban the Sandwich. Want an instant way to add creativity to your lunchbox? Make a pact with yourself to skip traditional sandwiches for the remainder of the year. By saying no to this go-to lunchbox filler, you’ll force yourself to get creative! Many sandwich breads are full of blood sugar raising refined carbs as well as chemicals! Try wrapping nitrate free deli meat in lettuce, stack tuna in between tuna slices, or check out some of these ideas.
  3. Add Insulation. Adding a hot or cold pack to your lunchbox is a quick way to significantly expand the options you can pack in your lunch box by keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold till lunchtime! For best results, say bye-bye to the brown bag, choose an insulated lunch bag, and toss in a hot or cold pack.
  4. Break the Rules. Who says lunchboxes can only be filled with conventional lunch foods? Take some of last night’s delicious dinner to lunch the next day, or fill your lunch box with breakfast classics. If you freeze your favorite breakfast smoothie, it should be thawed just in time to be ready for lunch!
  5. Go Bento. You don’t have to have a special lunchbox to try out eating bento box style. We often fill lunch boxes with around three options, but to make your lunch bento style, just fill multiple small containers with lots of different foods. Try a boiled egg, roasted nuts, fruit slices, raw vegetables, and chia pudding for a lunch that will keep your taste buds busy!

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