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Springtime Makeover: Giving Your Lunchbox a Green Makeover

The arrival of springtime represents a fresh start and new growth. With springtime associations like this, it’s no wonder that springtime is also a favorite time for makeovers! One fantastic and often overlooked area you can makeover right now is your own lunchbox. A few fun and simple changes can make your lunchbox better, healthier, and greener. Here’s how you can perform your own springtime makeover on your lunchbox!

  1.    Toss the Brown Bag. Your first step in any successful lunchbox makeover is to start with the lunchbox itself. If you are filling up a brown bag with your lunch day after day, now is a perfect time to find a lunchbox you can use over and over. Anything from an inexpensive insulated bag to a unique box that represents your personality will do the trick. Not only will making this switch reduce your waste output, it will also do a better job keeping your food the right temperature till lunchtime rolls around.
  2.    Ban the Box… Juice box that is. In addition to being more expensive and having non-recyclable packaging, juice boxes are often filled with only minimal fruit juice and lots of sugars! Instead, fill a reusable bottle with water or your favorite healthy beverage. The options for spill proof bottles are almost as limitless as the drinks you can put in them!
  3.    Be a DIY Guru. Companies are more than willing to charge you a premium to fill disposable containers with unhealthy food options. Outsmart them by making your own healthier do-it-yourself versions. Try filling reusable pouches with fruit purees for a squeezey alternative or pair nitrate free deli meat with whole grain or gluten free crackers for a custom twist on packaged lunch kits.  Your version will be so good you’ll never want store bought again!
  4.    Contain Your Excitement (Over these Baggie Alternatives)! Limit your exposure to the chemicals in plastic bags (and the waste they create) by packing your lunch items in bento box containers or re-sealable silicone zipper bags instead of plastic baggies.
  5.    What’s on the Inside Matters! Finally, don’t neglect to makeover what’s going inside your new and improved lunchbox. As you complete your lunch makeover, it’s a perfect time to evaluate what you are putting inside your lunchbox too. Look to see if you can reduce sugary foods and refined carbs and add in more fresh, organic options wherever possible!


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