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Stretch Your Dollar: How to Store Fresh Vegetables So They Will Last Longer

Healthy eating is an essential part to healthy living, and the best place to start is by incorporating fresh vegetables into your family’s diet. It can be frustrating, though, to have your newly purchased produce go bad after only a few short days at home. So to make your money worth it and your vegetables last, here are some ways to store commonly bought fresh produce:


Broccoli– refrigerate in an open container for up to 7 days


Carrots– cut off the greens at the top of the carrots; refrigerate in a covered container filled with water for about 5 weeks


Celery– rinse with cold water; refrigerate in a container lined with towels for up to 4 weeks


Cucumber– refrigerate wrapped in a moist towel for up to 1 week


Garlic– store in a cool, dark, dry place; do not refrigerate; keeps for up to 2 months


Lettuce– refrigerate in a damp airtight container for up to 1 week


Mushrooms– keep commercial mushrooms in their original container package; once opened, rewrap container with plastic wrap and poke holes in wrap for ventilation; refrigerate wild mushrooms in paper bag in vegetable crisper drawer; keeps for up to 10 days


Onions– store in a cool, dark, dry place with good air circulation for up to 6 weeks; do not stack onions; do not refrigerate; do not store next to potatoes (natural gasses emitted by onions will make potatoes deteriorate quickly!)


Potatoes– store in a cool, dark, dry place for up to 5 weeks; a paper bag works well for storing; do not refrigerate


Tomatoes– store on countertop for up to 1 week; do not refrigerate

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