The Coolest (and Healthiest) Ice Cream Social on the Block!

As the weather warms up and school lets out for the summer, a few essentials come to mind: sun, fun, and, of course, ice cream parties! If you think ice cream parties can only have the sugary, preservative filled ice creams that line your grocery store’s shelves though, think again! We’ve got plenty of terrific ideas to help you create a fun-filled ice cream party with ice cream that’s actually yummy and good for you! So celebrate summer’s coming arrival by having an ice cream party of your own. We’ll tell you everything you need to make the coolest and healthiest ice cream; all you need to do is decide who to invite to your summer ice cream party!

Amazing Ice Cream Options

Pass on the cartons of ice cream with loads of hard to pronounce ingredients, and try these tasty options instead.

Faux Ice Cream. You won’t believe how much a frozen banana can taste like ice cream (or taste even better). To make your own faux cream, peel and freeze ½-1 banana for each serving you plan to serve. After the banana is frozen, have an adult blend it for you in a blender or food processor. Enjoy it as is or add in nut butter, cinnamon, honey, vanilla extract, or unsweetened cocoa powder while blending.

Protein Power Ice Cream. Freezing plain Greek yogurt will give you a texture very similar to ice cream, but without the added sugars and additives, plus a significant portion of protein. Try stirring in any of the flavor suggestions listed for the faux cream (above) or check out our terrific topping suggestions (below).

Old Fashioned Ice Cream. For an occasional special treat you can also try making your own old fashioned ice cream. Although the sugar content in most classic homemade ice cream means this type of ice cream should be reserved as a special treat, by making your own you aren’t getting any of the chemicals that are often added to commercial varieties. Ask your parents or grandparents for their favorite recipe for a fun family activity!

Terrific Toppings Options

Skip all the food dyes that are loaded in those brightly colored sprinkles, and try these yummy toppings instead!

  •         Chopped Nuts and Seeds
  •         Berries
  •         Honey
  •         Sliced Fruit
  •         Cinnamon
  •         Nutmeg

So as the temperature outside rises, you’ll stay cool with your tasty ice cream! Now, go grab a spoon!

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