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Three Surprising Ways to Cook with Unflavored Gelatin-Plus the Hidden Health Benefits It Provides

Perhaps, like many of us, your primary association when you think of gelatin is likely the brightly colored, wiggly stuff served in cafeteria lines across the country.  Upon closer inspection, gelatin, the real stuff not the techno-color cafeteria dessert, is actually an exceptionally healthy food to add into our diets. In addition to the health benefits, it is a versatile ingredient that makes it ideal to use in multiple recipes.  Plus this nutritious staple is shelf stable, making it perfect to have on hand all the time.  Find out why you’ll what you’ll want it for and why:

  1.    Use Gelatin to Make Fruity Snacks. Use gelatin to as the base for fruit snacks, gummies, and homemade jello-like treats. Hint: use fruit and fruit juices to flavor your fruity gelatin snacks to avoid all the negative impacts sugar has on our bodies and our children’s bodies.
  2.    Use Gelatin to Make Creamy Desserts. Gelatin serves an excellent thickening agent. Add it to puddings, homemade marshmallows, whipped cream, and custards to instantly improve the creamy texture as well as the nutritional profile.
  3.       Use Gelatin to Make Savory Dishes. Gelatin is naturally made when you make bone broths, but even if you are not making a bone broth from scratch you can still add gelatin to stews and soups for a quick way to boost nutrition without altering flavor. It can also be added to quick breads to create a richer taste and texture.

If you haven’t stopped reading this article to go whip up something with this super food, you may be interested to know what exactly all the health benefits of gelatin are. Read on to find out all the benefits you are giving your family with each yummy bite.

Great for athletes. Helps build muscles and repair tissues with its nine amino acids.

Better sleep. The lycine content has been shown to help with sleep.

Anti-inflammatory aid. Gelatin helps reduce inflammation and aids in joint care.

Digestive care. Gelatin is healing and soothing to the digestive tract. Perfect to eat during GI illnesses or  when the GI tract has been irritated by other foods.

Rich source of protein. Gelatin contains an impressive 6 grams of protein per serving.

Healing agent. Gelatin promotes both internal healing and also helps external wounds to heal.

Strengthens hair and nails. The vitamins found in gelatin helps hair and nails grow stronger

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