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Time-Out: 15 Better Snack Choices for Games and Practices Parents and Kids Can Prepare Together

Without a doubt, snacks are as pivotal part of little league games and practices as balls and uniforms are. While the snack time break is fun, unfortunately it is often filled with processed, sugary snacks full of artificial ingredients. It’s not that most parents relish the idea of sending the idea of sending this type of unhealthy snack, but they are often easy options to tote to the ballpark. These snack ideas are easy for you and your healthy little cooks to prepare together and will give athletes all the energy they need!

  1.   Clementine Oranges
  2.   Cheese sticks or cubed cheese
  3.   Ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins)
  4.   Squeezable fruit pouches
  5.   Carrots and hummus cups
  6.   Tortilla roll ups with sunflower butter and honey (to make it allergy friendly)
  7.   Fruit kabobs (use popsicle sticks for younger kids)
  8.   Whole wheat or gluten free pretzels and guacamole cups
  9.   Bananas
  10.   Sweet Potato Chips
  11.   Trail mix (easy to customize!)
  12.   Unsweetened dried fruit
  13.   Air popped popcorn
  14.   Apple slices and cheese
  15.   Unsweetened Yogurt cups (bring dark chocolate chips for the win!)

Bonus-these drink ideas will keep everyone hydrated and happy!

  •         Water
  •         100 % fruit juice,
  •         Coconut water (perfect for helping replace lost electrolytes instead of sugary sports drinks!)


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