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Top Apps to Build a Healthier You!

These days phone and tablet apps are part of everything—from communicating with friends to games and everything in between.  But apps can be used for much more than just entertainment purposes; apps can also be a great tool for improving your health! Get permission from your mom or dad to download these top tools to build a healthier you!

Learn More about Your Food. Use apps like Fooducate to find out more about how your food rates in terms of healthiness. Apps like this will evaluate food items and assign them a grade or rating to help you know if it is a good choice.

Get Recipe Ideas. A host of recipe apps are available to give you quick ideas for recipes for nutritious meals; some of them even designed specifically for kids. Expand your repertoire of healthy dishes you like to make (or help make) by using apps like Cooking Fun for Kids to get new recipe ideas to try.

Eat Local. Eating local produce is a great way to support your community, know that your food is fresh, and likely reduce the amount of pesticides and chemicals on your foods. Apps like Locavore will help you find fresh food near your home. As an added bonus, going to visit local farmers markets can make a fun activity for the whole family!

Investigate Restaurants. Unlike with the foods you make at home, you don’t know exactly what is in your food at restaurants. Use apps like Restaurant Nutrition to find out more about what you are ordering with nutritional information on restaurant dishes and the best bets for ordering healthy fare.

Spot Gaps in Your Diet. Keeping track of your diet for a few days may help you realize you might be missing some key nutrients in your diets. Use apps such as MyPlate to check to make sure you are getting enough of what you need to stay strong and healthy, like plenty of fruits and veggies!

Conquer Allergies. Food allergies can be tough, but it’s important to avoid allergens to make sure you feel your best. Apps like Is That Gluten Free? (and other similar apps for other allergies) can help you know that the food you eat is safe for you!


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