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Veggie Mix Up, Mash Up: Fun and Tasty New Twists on Plain Veggies

We’ve heard it a million times: you’ve got to eat your vegetables! But no one ever said those veggies have to be boring! You can get all the healthy goodness out of vegetables when you eat them in fun and exciting recipes as when you eat them in the same old plain jane ways you’ve always had. So if you are looking for some tasty new ways to eat more veggies, we’ve got you covered! Try these tasty ideas and then share on the Healthy Little Cooks page a picture of you and your favorite new way of enjoying veggies!

  1.       Dip ‘Em!  Question: what’s not more fun to eat when it’s dipped in a yummy sauce? Answer: nothing we can think of! Plenty of veggies are perfectly suited for dunking in sauces and dips, and you can turn others into great for hdippers elp by putting a toothpick in them to make them ready for a dip! Hummus and plain Greek yogurt mixed with savory seasonings make awesome choices to dip any veggie in for snack time or meal time.
  2.       Go Camouflage Style! Veggies such as cauliflower, carrots, spinach, and many more can all blend seamlessly into many of your favorite recipes. Try adding a blend of pureed veggies into a marinara sauce, toss a handful of spinach into your favorite smoothie recipe, or add cauliflower into the sauce on your mac and cheese.
  3.       Try a New Texture! You may be surprised to learn that one of the main reasons we don’t care for particular foods is actually texture, rather than taste. Try preparing veggies you thought you didn’t like in ways that alter the texture. Roasting adds a pleasing crispness and a food processor can make veggies creamy and delicious. Need an idea? If sweet potatoes are not your thing, try crispy oven baked sweet potato fries instead. You just may find a new favorite!
  4.       Think Outside the Box! Veggies don’t have to be served as a side dish; you can repurpose them to use them as a main part of your meal. Zucchini makes a terrific replacement for pasta, plus it’s super fun to turn it into spirals!


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