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Cook With Collard Greens: Nutrition, Tips & Silly Food Facts


Silly Food Fact

Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to enjoy collard greens. In the mid 1600’s, this delicious vegetable was brought over to America by the Europeans, although it might have already been here. Two years ago, South Carolinians loved collard greens so much they decided to make it their state vegetable! And their neighbor to the north, North Carolina, holds the official festival for collard greens called the Ayden Collard Festival!

Why Our Body Loves It

We all know that we need to shower. But did you know you also need to keep the inside of your body clean? Collard greens do just that while also adding in some much needed nutrients. They help lower our cholesterol more than any other cruciferous vegetable. They also provide fiber which keeps us regular. Collard green also give us vitamin C, E, K, Omega-3. All of this makes sure our inside is nice and happy!

Care and Picking

Collard greens are always in season, with their peak season being late winter. Unlike their cousins, kale and cabbage, collard greens do not have a condensed head. The leaves are much more loose and very easy to pick. If you want to grow some collards, it’s easy, All you’ll need is somewhere warm and pest free!

Here’s a quick video on how to select collard greens:

Tips & Warnings

Aphids and cabbage worms are common, so make sure your greens are healthy! Collards greens will have some dirt on them, so once you get them into your kitchen wash, wash, wash them!

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