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Where Did that Come From? The Importance of Knowing Where Your Food and Kitchen Products Originate

wherefoodcomesfrom2Everyone knows the importance to paying attention to what we feed our children, but to really give our healthy little cooks’ delicate systems the healthiest options and fewest chemicals, it’s also important to pay attention to where our food and cookware come from before it arrives in our kitchens.

While it can sound overwhelming to think about adding more criteria for determining healthy cooking choices, the small added thought is well worth it. Here’s why you want to pay attention and what to do to make sure your family has the safest and healthiest options.


Different countries have different manufacturing standards. When it comes to your cookware dinnerware, and food, you don’t want dangerous chemicals in the mix. Choose these items made in countries with strict manufacturing codes to assure high quality ingredients.

-Different countries have different regulations regarding pesticide use. The pesticides sprayed on crops can only be washed off to a certain degree; because of this you want to take extra caution make sure chemicals banned locally don’t end up on your plate through foreign produce. (Hint: opt for organic when possible to help avoid this problem!)

Travel time can equal nutrients deteriorating. The time and temperature changes involved with food travelling around the world can equal the nutrients degrading.

What to Do:

Do some searching. A quick internet search can reveal some of the safest countries to buy from and risk factors associated with various countries.

Buy local. An effortless way of knowing where your food and cookware comes from is to buy from farmers’ markets and local merchants.

Check the labels on your foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables will often have a sticker stating that they are a product of a particular country. Make sure anything you are bringing home to your family comes from a place you feel comfortable.

-Go for quality. Unfortunately, buying cookware and dinnerware from some countries can equal a higher price tag. Don’t worry though! Decrease the clutter and increase the quality of cookware and dinnerware in your life by choosing fewer items of a higher quality.

You’ll soon find that paying attention to where things come from becomes second nature to you. The few extra seconds of check for this will be well worth the extra degree of safety and health you are offering your family!


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